Z60-Evolve Base kit Blind-Box

Z60-Evolve Base kit Blind-Box

  • General information

    Introducing the market's first split-top enclosure concept, means the options of default 60%, WKL or HHKB layouts is now available all in one keyboard with the change of the bottom press bar. This split-top mounting mechanism not only cuts down manufacturing costs making the price for Z60 stays in a budget build region, also enabling it to have a contrast of different material textures aesthetically.

  • Features and specs


    • Centered USB-C socket
    • Gasket mount
    • Front hight of 17.2mm
    • Bottom CNC machined out of one block of aluminum
    • Brass PressBars(optional) CNC machined out of H62 Brass, PVD Titanium coating, Brushed finish, Nano coating(Oxidization prove)
    • Press-bars options will be in Brass, Normal, WKL layout.
    • Brass Press-bars also works as weight


    • FR4 and Carbon Fiber plates have half-plates integrated
    • 4 long-stripe leaves with flex cut, leaving in total, less than 28mm material connecting leaves and main plate body(leaf connection will varies according to different plate materials)
    • FR4 as default, Carbon Fiber optional


    • Centered Daughter board with ESD protection
    • Solder version with all layouts compatible, including 'split-backspace', 'ISO enter', 'Stepped capslock', 'split-left shift' and 'split-right shift'
    • Hotswap 7U(optional)  with ANSI 60% with split-right-shift and 7U bottom row
    • Both Solder & Hotswap version PCB are South-facing RGB


    • QMK driven, VIA support
    • Right-hand 'shift', 'fn', 'win' and 'ctrl' keys works as arrow keys when tapped, Mod keys when hold.
    • Layer lights placed in middle of each row, avoiding blocking, and indecating each layers
  • Default Package includes


    • Case Bottom x1
    • Brass PressBars(Normal Layout) x2


    • FR4 HalfPlate integrated comes as default. Carbon fiber is optional


    • Solder PCB as default, hotswap version optional


    • USB type-C Cable x1
    • M2*10 screws x4 (1 Extra)
    • M2*22 screws x5 (1 Extra)
    • Long-stripe Poron pads(3.8*114*3mm) x12 (4 extra)
    • Silicon Footpads (3.8*114*1mm) x6 (2 extra)
    • Cap/Switch puller
    • Acrylic PCB Fork
    • Case foam
    • Plate foam

    Notice: Switches and Keycaps are NOT Included in base kit

  • Build guide

  • Extra Parts

    For extra parts, it is better to put all the products including base kit and the extra parts into the shopping cart first. After everything is collected, proceed to check out. All the contents will be considered as a single order by system

    1. Extra different layout Press-Bar Brass
    2. Extra PCBs
    3. Extra Plates
  • ***Notice

    1. Images with keycaps are just rendering
    2. UltraViolet and SummerMedow color is shipped randomly
    3. Default package will come with Normal layout Brass PBs
    4. PressBar option will only be available in Brass material
    5. Aluminum Plate is out of option